Hides Highlights

An uncluttered distraction free workspace.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode enables you to quickly hide all apps except the app you're currently working in. Once enabled, let Hides take care of business, so you can work. Focus mode helps you to target your attention on what is directly in front of you! It can be configured globally or for specific Apps, and is super easy to enable or disable.

Handy Shortcuts

It's not enough that Hides is super useful, it also has to be user friendly. It's a breeze to configure global keyboard shortcuts for all the main features. Once you've configured Hides just the way you like it, you'll never need to open it again!

Super simple

Hides does one job, and does it well. There's no bloated features getting in the way. So it's never confusing, and it just works. Just the way all good software should be. It sits up in your menubar, waiting to get to work. But don't worry, it's not consuming resources.

Hides Screenshots

Super georgeous Interface.


There's only one button - super easy!


Configure to run only for specific apps

Global shortcuts

Important functions are only a keystroke away!

Hides Questions

What can it do, what do you need, and why is it useful.

What can it do?

  • Quickly Hide all currently open apps via the menu or shortcut key
  • Hide all open apps except the current one via menu or shortcut
  • Automatically hide all apps except the active app (Focus Mode)

What you will need

  • 1 Mac running macOS 10.11 or better (Mojave recommended)

Why is it useful?

  • Sometimes its hard to focus on your work. Hides can quickly and effortlessly remove distractions from your desktop without any intervention.
  • Whenever you open a new app, all the other open apps are hidden - this enables you to focus on whats right in front of you. (Focus Mode)

What does Hides support?

  • macOS 10.11 or better (Mojave recommended)
  • Localised for English and German